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About Punnichy

One of the first settlers in the area was a store merchant, Mr. Heuback. Mr. Heuback was a red headed balding gentleman who most first nations people thought looked like a "chicken without any feathers," a fledgling. Punnichy in the local native tongue means a chicken without any feathers, thus how Punnichy got its name. Punnichy is primarily an agricultural (grain and livestock) community. It has a number of privately owned businesses in the community, which are primarily used by the local people. The community itself is mainly made up of senior citizens who were born, raised, and married locally.

​​Services and Ammenities:

Big Rock Trucking

Carlton Trail Regional College
Catholic Church
Dr. Earnest Luthi heritage Home
Last Mountain Co-op Grocery Store
Lion’s Park
Parkland Regional Library- Punnichy Branch
Punnichy Community Hall
Punnichy Community High School
Punnichy Court​
Punnichy Elementary Community School
Punnichy Fire Department
Punnichy Golf Club
Punnichy Hotel
Punnichy Museum
Royal Canadian Mounted Police- Punnichy Branch
Touchwood Child and Family Services- Main Office
Village of Punnichy Office​

Population: 245