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About Muskowekan FN

The name for the Muskowekwan First Nation came from the name of the first chief that the Muskowekwan First Nation had: Chief Muskowewan. In the past decade Muskowekwan Chief and Council have worked towards creating a First Nation that will one day be self-sufficient. Muskowekwan First Nation has a number of economic development initiatives that are focused on employing band members to be a more self-sufficient community, and social programs that strive to aid in better life styles for its band members.  ​

​​Services and Ammenities:

4 Directions Child and Family Services Inc.
Muskowekwan Band Farm
Muskowekwan Band Office
Muskowekwan Bingo Hall
Muskowekwan Branch Touchwood Child and Family Services
Muskowekwan Brighter Futures Program
Muskowekwan Day Care
Muskowekwan Elder Care
Muskowekwan Health Care
Muskowekwan Health Clinic
Muskowekwan Health Nurse
Muskowekwan Home Care
Muskowekwan Ledcor Trust
Muskowekwan Medical Taxi
Muskowekwan Rodeo
Muskowekwan School
Muskowekwan Store
Muskowekwan Treaty Land Entitlement Trust
Muskowekwan Water Treatment Facility
Muskowekwan Youth and Recreation
Partnership with ENCANTO
Partnership with One Earth Farming (15000 Acres)​

Population: 1494 band members, 475 reside on reserve 
​Location: 23 km East of Punnichy on HWY #15