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About George Gordon FN

On September 15th, 1874 the Treaty 4 agreement was signed by Kaneonuskew. The white people could not pronounce his name so they gave him the name George Gordon. George Gordon First Nation was named after him to give him honour for his role in the signing of Treaty 4.George Gordon First Nation is a Cree community that prides itself on its culture and heritage. It is a community that strives to improve the quality of life of its band members through the social programs that it has on reserve. It works hard to create a positive environment for the youth to grow up in and give guidance for them to be productive members of society whether it be on reserve or off reserve.
Gordon First Nation has a number of First Nation Artists who are well known around the world. These artists have their work displayed in many prominent art galleries as well as the Prime Minister of Canada’s office and many presidents of foreign countries.

​​Services and Amenities:

George Gordon Brighter Future Program
George Gordon Education Centre
George Gordon Education Outreach Program
Gordon Band Office
Gordon Branch Touchwood Child and Family Services
Gordon Daycare
Gordon Elder Care
Gordon First Nation Therapy Centre
Gordon Head Start Program
Gordon Health Care
Gordon Health Nurse
Gordon Home Care
Gordon Housing
Gordon Indian Medical Clinic
Gordon Medical Taxi
Gordon Pow-Wow grounds
Gordon Recreation Centre
Gordon Retail Centre and Gas Bar
Gordon Senior Centre
Gordon Social Development
Gordon Social Development
Gordon Wellness and Recovery Centre
Gordon Youth Centre
St. Luke’s Anglican Church​
Population: 3017 band members, 1400 reside on reserve