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Punnichy Career Transition Program

  In an effort to improve student retention and success beyond school, Punnichy Community High School, in collaboration with George Gordons, Muskowekwan, and Daystar First Nations have begun the Career Transition Initiative, which offers students credits for high school and technical school at the same time.​ This allows students to meet their requirements for graduation as well as leave with a varied portfolio of experience.

Currently the program offers:

  • Construction and Carpentry - Junior Level:
    Students in this program spend half a day at the rink learning the basics of Construction and Carpentry. Students have the opportunity to gain apprenticeship hours through this program. They will also earn their First Aid, CPR, SCOT, and WHMIS as part of the program. Their major projects tend to be the creation of several sheds.

    To learn more, talk to Mrs. Franny ([email protected])

  • Construction and Carpentry - Senior Level:
    Students in this program spend the last four months of the school year learning advanced topics in Construction and Carpentry. Students in this program have the opportunity to gain apprenticeship hours. Students take several more certifications that will benefit them in the workplace. Some years, students will participate in a three week work placement with a construction crew around the Regina area. Students participate in building a capstone project, which in past years has included a massive outdoor shop.

    To learn more, talk to Mrs. Franny  ([email protected])

  • Commercial Cooking:
    Students in this program spend an entire block, all day, learning how the commercial kitchen works. Students will learn to plan to create meals for 30+ people and then work as a team to cook the meals. Students will leave this program with their First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, and FoodSafe Level 1.

    To learn more, talk to Mrs. Raven ([email protected])